New: Contact, Event Schedule, and Location Content Blocks

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Publishing's new editor is getting more customization options! There are three new content blocks displaying contact information, an event schedule, and a location.

Contact information

The Contact block makes it easy to share an email address, phone number, and/or website, making them a quick click or tap away!


Event schedule

Whether its sharing your service times or you'd like to display a schedule for an upcoming event or VBS, the Event schedule block makes this a breeze. Regardless of what order you enter your times, we'll order and format them beautifully.



One of the most popular requests we've received is to add a map to Church Center. The Location block answers the call! This block will automatically generate a map based on the address you enter or coordinates. A "Get directions" button also appears for an easy redirect to your mapping app.


You'll find these options along with the ability to add text, section headers, buttons, dividers, and videos when you create a brand new page in Publishing.


Happy creating!

🖤 Team Publishing/Church Center 

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