Enable Chat During a Sermon

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You can set up Chat in Sermons so that people who are logged in to Church Center can connect live during the church service! All supported video streaming types will work for chat except for Facebook Live.

You will need to have a subscription to Planning Center Groups for chat to work. If you only plan to use Groups for General Chat, you can sign up for the free version of Groups.

Enable Chat

Enable General and Group Chat from the Settings tab in a channel.

  • Group chat allows members to chat with other members in their group (if messaging is enabled for that group).
  • General chat available for anyone who is logged in to Church Center.

When the episode plays live, people can toggle between General and Group chat and choose a group that they are a member of to chat with.

Deleting Posts in Chat

Here are the guidelines for deleting posts in Sermons Chat:

  • You can delete any posts that you create.
  • The leaders of the group can delete posts from members in Group Chat.
  • Admins can delete other people's post in General Chat.
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