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Built-in pages help congregants join groups, give, view, register for, and check in to events, depending on the Planning Center products your church uses. The pages are set up in the product that corresponds with the page, but you can choose to show or hide them on Church Center from Publishing.

Not all pages are built-in pages. The built-in pages have the corresponding product icon under the Built-In Page column to indicate where the page comes from.


If you can't edit a built-in page, ask an administrator to make the changes for you or give you access to the product.

Show or Hide Built-In Pages

You can tell which pages are published by their status. Unpublished pages will be shown as Draft.

If you want to hide a built-in page from Church Center visibility, select the Actions menu for the page, and choose Unpublish.


If the page is a Draft, you can publish it from the Actions menu.


Update Built-In Pages

Built-in pages can be updated from the specific product, as shown in the table below..

Built-in page

What's on the page?

What can be updated in the product?


Check-Ins events occurring on the current day

Create Check-Ins events and enable the "Check-In with Church Center" option


Online donation form

  • Enable or disable credit card donations

  • Disable the option for donors to cover donation processing fees (US only)

  • Control visibility of funds that donors can donate to


List of groups to join

  • Update the list of groups

  • Edit the public information that shows for a specific group

  • Enable group messaging


List of events you can sign up for

  • Edit campuses and categories for better filtering

  • Update information displayed about individual events


Calendar of church events

Create events and publish them to the calendar


Contact information for households and individuals who have opted into the directory

  • Choose the information available for people to share in the directory

  • Invite people to join the directory

  • Manage directory permissions for profiles

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