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Settings allow you to control how people access Church Center, the public version of Publishing. You can also access campuses and the Church Center theme.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.

From the Church Center dropdown, choose Update settings.


Enable Church Center

Church Center is the public-facing place for all the pages you create. It can be used as an app or as a website--or both! In order for your pages to be accessible, it has to be enabled.


Add Campuses

When a person searches for your church in Church Center, we use a zip code or their current location to help them find the correct church. Add your church location and any other campuses you have, so people can easily find you.

Click Add a campus to create another location.


Enter the information about the campus in the fields.



If your location can be difficult to find on digital maps, change the Geolocation to Use coordinates, and then enter the latitude and longitude.

Campuses can only be deleted from Accounts.

Share Church Center

If you want to share your Church Center web link, you can copy it from the Church Center Web section in Settings. 


If you want to promote the Church Center app to your congregation, you can share the app store links and download PNG or Photoshop files to use for announcements.


Custom Themes

You can customize the colors in Church Center to match your church's branding.

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