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You can customize the experience of your congregation in the Church Center mobile app or the web.

We know every church is unique, and that’s why we feel you should have control over the content on Church Center. Make it your own, and connect with your congregation in unique ways through your own custom content.

Key Concepts

Planning Center Publishing is one product that makes up your Planning Center Account. In each product, you are assigned specific permissions. In Publishing, everyone has the role of Administrator.

  • Pages hold the information you want to have on Church Center. You can format them with links, images, and videos.

  • Built-in Pages are managed from the other Planning Center products in your account.

  • Navigation is how people will get around the mobile app or website.

  • Church Center is the public side of your Planning Center account. It’s available as a website or through a mobile app from the Android or iOS app stores

  • Sermons lets you host your online services in one place and includes the ability for viewers to chat, give, and check-in.

Next Steps

Now, you’re ready to get started!

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