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Episodes are the actual media items listed in your channel. Include what you'd like to be available for the episode, including images, a summary, and helpful links for congregants to use associated with the episode.


Before creating an episode, set up the channel where the episode will be posted.

Create an Episode

To create an episode, go to a channel and select New episode on the Episodes tab.



If the channel is connected to a Services service type, you can choose a plan from the dropdown.

Add the episode title and select image artwork from your device, library, or the Unsplash integration.

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Use the Image Sizing Guide to upload the right size and file type.

Add a Summary and Assign to a Series

Enter a summary for the episode, and then assign the episode to a series.


Choose to create a new series or add the episode to an existing series. 


Add Links

To add a resource to an episode, select Add in the Links section and choose the type of resource you want to add.

You can add a URL link to a website or video channel, an existing People form, or a Giving fund.


Add a name for the resource, and then choose the form or fund from a list of options, or copy and paste the URL to link to a website or video channel. 



Consider using a People form to take attendance during a livestream sermon.

The first item on the list will show as a button next to a video for easy access.


Your changes are automatically saved.

Link a Plan to the Episode

If you want to link the episode to a plan in Services, select Connect.


The plan and series information you import will be added to the episode.

Delete an Episode

To delete the episode, select Delete.

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