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If you'd like to share lessons or weekend services with people, Sermons in Publishing gives you a great way to organize these, so people can find what they need.


To access sermons, you must be subscribed to the appropriate Publishing pricing level.

Viewing or Listening to Sermons on Church Center

The Sermons page is a built-in page on Church Center that has links to each of your church's channels.


Each channel page hosts episodes, which can be organized into series. Episodes include livestreams, pre-recorded videos, or audio recordings.


Live videos can be scheduled to run at a set time for everyone to watch together, and then the videos can be posted later to the library to view anytime.


When viewing a live video episode on Church Center Web, people can access posted resources at any time, whether or not they are logged in.


People who are logged into Church Center can chat about a live sermon with anyone who is signed in, and group members can switch to Group Chat to chat with other members of their group if messaging is turned on for the group.



Chat is only available during a livestream.

Setting Up Sermons in Publishing

Create a channel for each service or sermon collection you want to host on your site. You can publish it on Church Center, add a description, add video/audio links, set up a new Apple or Spotify podcast feed, add default links, and connect it to a Services service type.


Each livestream, video, or audio recording is scheduled as a separate episode assigned to one of the channels you've created. Episodes can also include resources that relate to the video episode.


Episodes can be organized into series.


Viewing Channel Stats

From a channel's Stats tab, you can see how your congregation engages with your live and recorded media.

First, select the time period that you want to view.


Select either the Library Watch Count or Live Watch Count tab to view the average and total views for each video. Hover over a specific date to see how many people watched.

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