Create a Ministry-Specific Page

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If you need a page to hold information for one of your church's departments, you can create a custom page with the specific details you want to share. This page can display meeting information, event signups, and social media links for your ministry.

Once you publish your ministry page, add it to your navigation!


A paid subscription to Publishing is required to create custom pages.


Introduce your Ministry

Use a Text block to include a welcome message and a description of your ministry. Add a mission statement or note from your ministry leader for a personal touch.


Link to Social Media Accounts

Add a social block to your page to allow people to connect with your ministry easily. Include links to Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform where you share information online.


Share a Location

Add a Location block to display your church's address or the location of a specific meeting or event.


Show Team Members

Help people get to know your ministry leaders by using a Grid block to display photos, titles, and names. Add links to email addresses so people can reach out with questions. Display up to three columns in a block.


Highlight Upcoming Events

Use Calendar and Registrations blocks to ensure those events are always up-to-date on your page. Filter events by campus and category and choose the number of events to display. Past events automatically disappear, so there's no need to update your page when an event is over.


Showcase Information

Share an important event or opportunity with a Section header or Image block. Add a button to a Section header that links to a signup or separate page with additional details.

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