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Church Center is a website and mobile app that your congregants can use to stay connected with your church. Whether you are just introducing Church Center to your congregation, wanting groups to use Church Center for messaging, trying to get parents to use Church Center to check in their children, or hoping to increase Church Center use in general, here are some resources and ideas you can use to promote Church Center to your congregation!


If you haven't already, read Welcome to Church Center!, and then come back to this article!

Free promotional slides, images, and Church Center logos are available for you to download at the bottom of our Church Center webpage. If you are subscribed to Publishing, you can access these promotional materials under Church Center resources in your Publishing settings.  From these settings, you can also:

  • Copy the app setup link that directs your congregants to your church when they open the Church Center app.

  • Download the QR code to share, so people can scan and access your church.

  • Get the App Store or Google Play links.


Once you have these materials, here are a few ideas for using them to promote Church Center:

  • Insert our promotional slides and QR code on your own slideshow.

  • Print our promotional slides and QR code on a flyer or bulletin.

  • Share the slides, your QR code, or your setup link on your website or social media.

  • Share your setup link via email or text.

Congregants can also check out our Church Center articles for more information on using different parts of the Church Center app!

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