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Now that Publishing supports externally hosted audio and audio directly uploaded to Publishing, wouldn't it be great if you could push your sermon audio to where congregants are already listening to audio content? Enter sermon audio podcast feeds!

In your sermon channel settings in Publishing, peep the new "Audio podcast feeds" section:


You can customize your podcast image, title, category, language, content settings, author, and contact email. Once you've set things up the way you want them, copy your channel-specific podcast feed URL and submit the feed to Apple Podcasts and Spotify to be listed in their directories.

Upon successful submission, these directories will provide a directory-specific URL to your podcast that you can put in the "Third-party podcast directory feed URL" fields.

On the congregant side, they'll see a new "Listen on" bar on the sermon channel page on Church Center. We link directly to your podcast feed URL for congregants to use in their podcast apps, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.


Each time you create a new episode with sermon audio, we automatically update your feed and your respective Apple & Spotify directory listings will pick up those changes! 

To use this feature, you must be on a Publishing plan with sermons enabled; all new product subscriptions come with a 30-day trial, so give it a whirl!

We hope these changes help your congregants further connect with the life of your church!

Happy podcasting,

🖤 Team Publishing/Church Center

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