Set Up Episodes for Livestream or On-Demand Viewing

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Boost engagement with your church by allowing people to use Church Center for sermons! You can set up the sermon's episodes so people can:

Publishing supports livestream embed codes and, depending on the streaming provider, prerecorded video links. Check out the table below for supported providers and select a checkmark for instructions on copying embed codes and links.  


Playlist embed codes are not supported.











* Facebook: Embed codes will work only after the video starts; chat is unavailable on Church Center during Facebook Live videos.

** Boxcast: Embedding with JavaScript will not work.

Schedule a Live Episode

A live video has the benefit of chat, in-line links, and a banner at the top of the Sermons page on Church Center. To schedule a video played live, whether from an embedded source or a prerecorded link, add the information to the appropriate section.


If your streaming provider allows you to use the same embed code for all streaming events, set that code as the default livestream link in the channel settings.

Livestream Video

If your video streams from one of the supported providers, you can add the embed code, and the video will also play on Church Center.

  1. Choose Livestream in the Video Type section.

  2. Select Add time to open the embed fields.

  3. Add the date and start time for the livestream and paste the embed code for the video.


    If the episode belongs to a channel with pre-set times, the schedule will follow the channel times instead of these times.

Select Save to add the scheduled video to Church Center.

If you have several livestreams, add the time and embed codes for each livestream time.


Live episodes play at the specified times but are not added to Church Center unless added to the On-Demand Library.

Schedule Video Replay

If you want your prerecorded video to play live at a specific time, add the video link, and it will play on Church Center.

  1. Choose Prerecorded in the Video Type section.

  2. Add a direct link to the video.

  3. Add a new time or edit an existing time for the video to play. 


    If you post the episode to a channel with pre-set service times, the times are automatically set to the channel's default times.

Add the Episode to Church Center

If you want an episode accessible in Church Center whenever, add it to the On-Demand Library.

on demand_numbered.png
  1. Enable the toggle if you want the episode accessible on Church Center. If your video doesn't need to be in the library, leave the toggle disabled.

  2. Add the link to the video that you want to post.

  3. If you want an audio-only version of your episode, upload an audio recording or add a link to an audio file.


    Check out the Planning Center pricing tiers to make sure you choose the audio download subscription level appropriate for your number of listeners. 

    A download is one instance of a hosted audio file being downloaded from either Church Center or a podcast platform. Watching a sermon video or downloading a linked audio file will not count against your subscription.

  4. Schedule the time for the episode to be available on Church Center.

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