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If your church has many campuses, you can create a home page that is as unique as they are! Put your campuses' information on one home page, separated with divider blocks, or create a custom page for each campus.

One Home Page

Add information about your different campuses in blocks on your home page, so people can find the essential information they may be looking for.


A Page for Each Campus

If you want to be able to link to a specific page, you can create custom pages for each campus.


This option requires the Custom Pages pricing plan. An Organization Administrator can manage your account on the Products page.

You can add information and links to each campus-specific page. Filter the calendar or signups page by campus to get unique links for each campus.


Once you have created your custom campus pages, add blocks to your main home page and link each to a campus instead of adding them to your navigation.

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You could add these campus pages to your navigation, but any navigation tabs over the first four will go under More.

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