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The home page is the first page that loads when Church Center is opened, so you want to make sure that people see the most important things first. You can either create a traditional, static home page with general information on it, or you can make the home page dynamically schedule-based, so your congregation always sees what they need first.

Traditional Home Page

You can add announcements or styled graphics with links, so people know what's most important to you.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.


Check out this sample home page. If you'd like some inspiration for your home page, the Planning Center Community on Slack is a great way for churches to share advice and connect with each other using chat. In the #product-publishing channel, many churches have been sharing their custom page designs and some have even created templates to share!

In the All Pages tab, click the Home page to edit it.


From the page editor, you can customize your home page to fit the personality of your church by dragging blocks of information.


While you're editing, you can preview the changes without making it visible to your whole congregation using Draft Mode.


Images that are at least 700px wide work best.

Add a Linked Image

You can make make your images clickable links so that when someone taps or clicks the graphic, they'll be taken to the linked page. You can link to another site or even a form from your styled graphic.

To create a linked image, select the image on the home page, and fill out the linking information.

  1. Enable the ability to link the image.

  2. Enter the URL.

  3. Check the box to open the link in a new tab.

My Church Center as Home Page

From the Navigation, you can enable My Church Center as the home page.


When My Church Center is enabled, a tab named Me is added as a button and is the first thing that opens on the app. It shows the chronological schedule of the congregant using the app. Your congregation can still hit the Home tab to see your home page.

  1. Use the Actions menu to add blockout dates to your schedule or email your team leader.

  2. Available signup sheets and requests from Services will be in the Requests section.

  3. You can filter your schedule based on the types of events you want to see.

    • See events you've bookmarked on the Calendar page.

    • Confirmed requests from Services, including the service type, position, and team you're assigned to.

    • Your blocked out dates and times, including the reason given.

    • Group events will have the name of the event, the group name, and your RSVP status.

    • Upcoming signups you registered for as an attendee, including your chosen selection.


      All other registrations can be found by selecting Registration History , including registrations for your other household members, any that were started but are unconfirmed, and registrations you are the registration contact for, even simple signups.

In the Church Center mobile app, you can filter the types of events displayed in your schedule.


Tap on Schedule (All) to apply filters. Tap on Schedule (Filtered) to edit or reset the filters.

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