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If your church has a specific visual identity, you can make Church Center pages consistent with that identity and customize your Church Center theme by choosing a color palette that best reflects your needs.


This feature is only available for paid versions of Publishing. Check out Planning Center Pricing for more information on pricing tiers.

From the Customize page, go to the Theme tab.

  1. Toggle Customize to change the color selection. Select the toggle again to turn off the custom theme and return to Planning Center's standard Church Center theme.

  2. The auto box is checked by default, meaning that whatever color you select is automatically adjusted to appear the same in light and dark mode.

    Uncheck the auto box to choose different colors for light mode and dark mode.


If you want a black-and-white theme, set the light mode to black and the dark mode to gray.

  1. Review the Contrast ratios to ensure your color selection meets accessibility standards so your church has no trouble seeing all the information you provide through Church Center!

Your new theme colors apply to links, buttons, and headers. Select Save to apply the changes to Church Center immediately.


There's no way to customize the Church Center app icon.

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